City Wings, Inc.: A Case Study

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Since February 17, 2016, City Wings, Inc.,[dba Sea Flight] FAR 135 certificate number 9CWA-241M, failed to maintain its Operations Manual current in a manner acceptable to the Administrator, (IOP#1). Because of the above City Wings, Inc. violated 14 CFR §§ 135.21(a) and 135.79(c). On March 31, 2015, the reporting inspector also the Principal Operations Inspector (POI) for City Wings, Inc., performed a routine operation inspection. This revealed that the company was incorrectly performing the internal "Flight Following Procedure". The ticket agents were not including the necessary information on the companies "Flight Following Form". This issue was addressed to the Chief Pilot verbally and via a letter issued on April 3, 2015, (IOP#2). On

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