Civil Rights Movement At Mid Century Essay

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Pritchett. Wendell E. Manning. Robert D. 2005. “A National Issue: Segregation in the District of Columbia and Civil Rights Movement at Mid-Century” This article explores the history of Washington D.C. during the post-World War II period and the impact that civil rights played in equalizing rights and opportunities for all races in the district. In several ways, the war improved Washington from a city that was rural and urban to one of the most important cities in America. It was a city that most thought to be the prime example of our nations’ democracy. It was representative of changes in population, government, infrastructure, public and private buildings which stimulated an increase in tourism. As a result an increase of conflict resulted in new views of segregation, discrimination, economics, education and legislation. This set the stage for the rapid expansion of the city throughout the latter half of the 19th century.
The article discusses urban renewal, housing discrimination and disparities in both education and employment within the district. The districts’ schools remained segregated which prompted national attention and ultimately was a violation of the Fifth Amendment. The writer sites the Bolling vs Sharpe case which concluded that due process and equal protection were relevant in the issue of school segregation in the District. The decision also documents segregation was a violation of due process. The battle of racial discrimination in the

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