Civil Rights, Violation, Law, Race, And The Supreme Court Case

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Introduction When it comes to court cases, every case that is heard in court is heard for one reason or another.

Some are disputes between two people, some are because of injury or murder and then you have

some like this, is the result of racism. In this body of work, the Supreme Court Case surrounding

Shelley v. Kraemer would be outlined. In addition to the outline of the case, the violations that

took place will be determined and explained as well as the penalties associated with this case will

be described. Jurisdictional requirements for this case as well as the reasons why it was heard at

the particular level will be explained. The conclusion of the case will be described in detail as

well as if the outcome of the case was justified or not.

Keywords: case, civil rights, violation, law, race

Facts The Shelley’s purchased a house in a neighborhood located in the state of

Missouri. (Important Supreme Court Cases for Civil Rights, 2016) What they did not know is in

this neighborhood, a private covenant was made: no one who was of African or Mongolian

descent would be able to purchase property in this particular neighborhood. This was agreed

upon by the neighbors in this community, however it was not known by the others outside of this

community. So when the Shelly’s purchase the house, the Kraemer’s who lived ten blocks from

the residence found out and sought out assistance from the courts in this matter. The Kraemer’s


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