Civil Wars in Western Africa: Nigeria, Sierra Leone

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Since the establishment of states and republics, there has always been conflict between groups inhabiting said states, which is a layman’s definition of civil war. The scholarly definition of a Civil war is a war between organized groups within a state. Since the end of WWII, there has been a total of 122 Civil wars ranging from the Greek Civil war in 1946 to the Syrian civil war that is happening as of today. A civil war is not an entity seen only in the underdeveloped countries of the world, and superpowers like the United States and Russia have experienced civil wars in their past. Due to the fact that conflicts do happen in states, there are some criteria’s a conflict in a state has to meet to be considered a civil war. According to Peacekeeping and the peace kept by Professor Page Fortna, she states that for a conflict to be considered a civil war, it must have “a) caused more than 1,000 battle deaths, b) the war represented a challenge to the sovereignty of an internationally recognized state, c) the war occurred within the recognized boundary of that state, d) the war involved the state as one of the principal combatants, e) the rebels were able to mount an organized military opposition to the state and to inflict significant casualties on the state.” (Fortna). In addition, since the end of WWII, civil wars have lasted on average over four years and can bring tremendous economic collapse as seen in Somalia, Uganda, Angola, and more currently Syria. Since the end of
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