Civilian Control Of The Military

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Civilian control of the military is very essential in order to have a strong and successful form of government. If all of the major political decisions were up to the military, many wrong decisions might be made and it would have a poor effect on the society. Military commanders may not have all of the necessary knowledge of the situation to make the most beneficial decisions, and many problems would likely end in war and violence. Also, one person would not always see every aspect of the situation, so having other input is vital to making successful decisions that have a positive outcome. To support the idea of civilian control of the military, I learned about two men from two different time periods, who both proved that civilian control of the military can help a country to be strong and successful. First, I learned about Julius Caesar who lived from July 12th, 100 BC, to March 15th, 44 BC. He was both a famous general and dictator in ancient Rome. The second man I learned about was General Douglass MacArthur who was commander of the U.S. forces in Korea. He lived from January 26, 1880, to April 5th, 1964. Both men rose to power and fame, but then they didn’t think of the consequences that would follow their actions, and made mistakes that threatened their republic. After their wrongdoings, both men soon fell from power. In Caesar’s case, civilian control of the military was not present and he made a mistake that affected the Roman republic in a bad way. On the other…
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