Civilization In Brave New World

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Throughout the novel Brave New World, there are a multitude of different settings. From the use of these settings, we gain understanding of how this civilization operates. The creation of man and its conditioning, upon the introduction of the reservation in the second half of the book, we gain better understanding of this basis. The basic meaning of the work is very evident upon this comparison, and along with many others. This new world and civilization is very different than that of what it used to be. In the first third of the book, we learn of several settings within London. The book begins with the explanation of how man comes to be, a very fitting beginning of this book: “London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre,” with the World’s states motto below it “Community, Identity, Stability.” In this building man and woman are created in test tubes, multitudes of things are added to the cells to keep people young, to …show more content…

She speaks of how the people smell and their clothes are ragged. The ‘savages’ are wilted by age unlike those back in the civilization of London. Some of them are fat, their skin scared, their teeth yellowed by time. This shows the evolution of the civilization which the people in London live; how they have grown technologically, scientifically, and governmental. Back in London, there are helicopters, no odor, ragged clothes aren’t even a thought, and everyone is in shape with pearly whites behind their lips. The reservation represents the past, how the world used to be before ‘Ford.’ This is why it is seen as horrific to Leania, there is no soma, no conformability. The people are seen as mad to her through their religious ceremony because she cannot make sense of it. This also shows how individuals are wired differently as they used to be, how they function off of different motives. The “savages” for religion and self-interest, and the people of London because of how they have been

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