Civilize Them With A Stick Analysis

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The two readings I read critically for this assignment were Civilize Them With a Stick by Mary Crow Dog and Bad Boys: Public Schools in the Making of Black Masculinity by Ann Ferguson. Civilize Them With a Stick is a story of the adversities Native Americans faced by policies enacted in 1879 that forced children to become “civilized”. The narrator talked about her own experience within the broken system where children as young as seven were torn away from their families and sent to boarding schools for up to 360 days a year.In the second reading, Bad Boys, the author told us about how the system was degrading another distinctive race, African Americans. Educational Institutions are some of the first experiences the youth have, they’re also …show more content…

Even at their youngest stages of life, African American males are being told that they’re just following a path to jail from birth. Even figures that as a child you’d look up to are telling young black males that they can’t succeed in this world. The vice-principal of the Rosa Parks School when talking about a young African American male said “That one has a jail-cell with his name on it”. Education institutions are the ones who hold the power to decide and construct who has access to opportunities and resources needed to advance in our capitalist society. The system is setting up African Americans for failure from the start. “The racial bias in the punishing systems of the school reflects the practices of the criminal justice system. Black youth are caught up in the net of juvenile justice system at a rate of two to four times that of white youth”. The profiling starts at a young age as well, planning their future for them. In conclusion, Education Institutions are the ones who hold power in this world. They are the building blocks of the future, as they shape young lives. With institutional racism putting some races ahead of others, however, a majority of students are stunted in their path to adulthood, leading to racial issues and divides that would otherwise not

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