Clara And The Hurrier-Personal Narrative

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The loneliness surrounded Clara. Her thoughts consumed her. The sound of the dripping water from the ground above is all she could hear. Around the corner she saw the bright yellow candle light from a Hurrier headed straight towards her, ready to push the cart full of coal through the door. The glistening light became brighter and brighter as she walked towards Clara, her mind subconsciously drifted to a much happier time.
The gleaming sun forced its way into her vision, it blinded her momentarily. She blinked a few times to focus back on what was in front of her. Clara watched on as her little sister ran around the garden, picking flowers as she hopped along. Isabelle skipped towards Clara, dozens of Corncockles in her hand. The furry green
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As soon as Clara opened the door for the Hurrier, she scurried straight through the square door with a little limp. She remembered when she was a Hurrier, pushing coal up and down the track for miles, by only her hips. However, she was promoted to a Trapper in the Mine. It wasn’t that much better, she just sat around all day in the darkness and waited for a Hurrier to come, bearing coal. The loneliness takes over, and drives her crazy.
Every day was the same. The Knocker Up would wake her up at 4am. She would have a piece of bread and a glass of water, and then walk 3 miles to go to work in the mines. The walk down to the door was so exhausting and excruciating on her back. The enclosure was so tiny and square, that whenever she stood up, all of her bones cracked at once.
Clara’s health started to deteriorate. The mines always made her so freezing, the puddles of cold water dripping all over her small fragile body made her shiver all day. She remembered when the Hurrier came to walk through the door, she heard Clara’s teeth chattering. The Hurrier had to come and rub her hands on Clara to create friction and heat. That was the only way that she could move her muscles again. The inhalation of coal gave her a terrible cough, and made it so horrifically bad to breathe down in the coal
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Pacing back and forth almost crashing into the food and clothes on the small, ragged floor. She stopped in her tracks when she saw her mother staring straight at her. Clara’s mum pointed to the small chair in the corner of the room, “sit down” she said. Clara sat down hesitantly, anxious of what her mother would say in reply to her sudden outburst.
“I know that you’re struggling during this time, but we need the shillings Clara. We don’t have enough pounds to not have anyone working. I know that working has a negative effect on you now, but in the future we will all thank the Industrial Revolution. It will do many things for the world and make the future brighter than it was fifty years ago.” Her mother said in a monotone voice.
“Okay, thanks mum” Clary mumbled. She wondered if her mum was right about the future. How did she know that the Industrial Revolution would have a positive outcome?
I think her mother could tell by the look on her face, that she was questioning what her mum just said. As if her mum read her mind, she simply answered with “It’s a mothers intuition, we know everything. And I’m sorry but to save you from being in trouble, we better take you back to
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