Class Divide In America Analysis

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From Poverty to Opportunity

Imagine living in an apartment, scared knowing that at any second you can be evicted for not paying rent. You have forty-seven dollars left. Wandering the streets not knowing what to do. After being fired from your job, you lost all connections to the outside world. You have no family or anyone you can depend on. Imagine just arriving to the United States not knowing one word of english. The most serious obstacle to upward social mobility in America is poverty and the lack of opportunity. The class divide is a serious issue in America. Many people immigrate from foreign countries to the United States to have a better life. They start in the lower class and it is very hard for them to move up in class. In the New York Times article, “ Fifteen Years on the Bottom Rung “, by Anthony DePalma, he tells the story of a Greek immigrant and a Mexican immigrant and how they have very different opportunities to succeed. Although Peralta works very hard. He knows that money doesn't last long. Mr. Peralta said, “ Me, I’ve been here for 15 years, and if I die tomorrow, there wouldn’t even be enough money to bury me”(DePalma). Peralta demonstrates that the American …show more content…

Some say that the worst problem is the lack of luck. In the movie, “ Pursuit of Happyness “ by Gabriele Muccino, shows that Chris Garner struck gold without a collegiate education got a job as a stockbroker. He had the luck to survive homelessness by, being kick out from an apartment, hotel, and the absence of his wife. Chris said, “ Maybe Happiness is only something we can pursuit” (Muccino). This means that by getting lucky, at some point happiness will chase you instead of you chasing it. That’s exactly what happened to Chris after getting the job as a stockbroker after outperforming the other candidates during his internship. He only had high school education but his integrity and getting lucky got him the

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