Huge Inequity in United States Social Classes

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The United Sates is considered to have the most unstable inequality in the world. In 1978 the upper class generated $48,302 dollars and in 2010 generated more than three times as much, $393,682 dollars. While the middle class generated as little change in their money from 1978 to 2010. After the crash in 2008 People became interested in the inequality in America realizing that majority of the people, the middle class and lower are in the 99% while the top class is 1%. There is a graph that was invented in 1913 that explains what is happening to our economy and the day that it is happening on. In the graph you can that the years 1928 and 2007 are the peaks of these growing graph which you can compare it to a model of a suspended bridge. With both time periods, 1928 and 2007 being the peaks of the graph showing the 1% of upper class leaving the rest of the graph showing the middle class going deeper into debt. In reality the middle class are the job creators, and they are the heart of spending. When it comes to the upper class you would notice that if spending money was depended on them they would be the first to be ruled out. This is because the upper class makes a large sum of money, but they do not spend all that they make. So the middle class is the most important aspect of this economy. As of 2010 the middle class is struggling to stay afloat. Middle class would be considered to be with the medium being $50,000 dollars, somewhere close to $25,000 to $75,000. For
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