Class Lecture : The Film A Raisin Of The Sun, Karl, A White Man

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Alienation/Social Distance/Social Filters/Marginalization--Class Lecture: In the film a Raisin in the Sun, Karl, a white man, introduces himself as part of the “welcoming committee” in the community in which he comes to buy out the house from the colored folks. The purpose of Karl coming over is that the committee wants to keep their community segregated. In the scene, Linder tells the colored individuals about “the way” they do things in that neighborhood which demonstrates the idea that the committee views the white individuals in the community as separate from the black people. Karl’s message demonstrates the idea that the committee believes that the best way of fixing the issue of black individuals moving into a community is to bribe them to move out as white people are doing everything in their power to keep black families out of their community. Therefore, Mr. Linder, as part of the welcoming committee is a representation of the rest of the white society who strives to alienate black individuals and control the neighborhood through their own rules. He demonstrates the racism that exists among the white people not only in their community but also in America who have both segregated and alienated African Americans. This sense of alienation stems from being marginalized by white superiors who have pushed black people to the edge of society by not giving them a place within. The white folks are not allowing black people a place in their neighborhood as they wish to keep…

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