Social Exclusion

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Introduction According to Barnes (2005), social exclusion is defined as the condition by which individuals in a given society are disadvantaged than others depending on who they are. The various reasons to why some individuals are disadvantaged than others include race, ethnicity, where they live or migrant status, sexual orientation, descent, caste, age, gender, HIV status, disability (Barnes, 2005). Discrimination takes place in public institutions, for instance, in health and educational services and social institutions such as the household. Particular groups experience poverty due to social exclusion and this reduces the rate at which poverty is declines in a given society as a whole. Social exclusion can result in social conflict…show more content…
Every individual must have experienced such sanctions like feeling left out, unwanted, or stigmatized. The American society is greatly divided in terms of economic, cultural, gender, racial-ethnic, political, and educational status lines. Disrespect and discrimination have substantial consequences, which deny individuals access to contacts, resources, and information, consigning the minorities to dangerous backyards, low quality schools, and poorly paid occupations (Silver & Miller, 2003).
Impacts of social exclusion on research It has been found that social exclusion is a difficult term to define and measure scientifically due to its relativity and complexity, variation across outstanding dimensions, processes, and areas of social relations, and dimensions. The researcher can therefore get it hard to accurately determine what social exclusion means. Social exclusion is also defined differently across the world depending on how every country considers a socially excluded individual. However, according to a number of definitions, every individual in any given society must have experienced some form of social exclusion.
In various societies, individuals are treated differently depending on a number of factors like race, ethnicity, where they live or migrant status, sexual
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