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One interesting thing that I have learned so far in the class is understanding that location is an important factor when it comes to quality of life. When looking at both of the books we have read in class, location has been a reason why most people have a rough life. When a town is in poverty it directly relates to the crime rate and drug use. People must find way to support their families and selling drug is on of the ways which of course, relates to jail time as seen in Keepin’ On. Another problem seen when living in poverty due to location is the school systems and quality of teachers is affect. Teacher in public school are not up to par due to the lack of funding the town provide to have quality teachers. Finally, when a town is in poverty, the job outlook decreases. Many find that the requirements are out of reach and jobs that they are qualified for are too far of a commute.…show more content…
I will be able to understand that some people are not lazy when it comes to working but rather do not have the means of transportation to go to work. I will also be able to understand that some people use drug dealing as a means of work as well because they are a demand. Lastly, I will make sure that I finish college because of the most common themes seen is not being able to qualify for jobs due to not finishing school. Overall this class is teaching many important facts about those living in
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