Linda Cliatt Wayman Is A Poverty Stricken And Crime Ridden North Philadelphia High School

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Linda Cliatt-Wayman is a school principal for Strawberry Mansion High School, a poverty stricken and crime ridden North Philadelphia high school. This year, I watched her Ted Talk as she explained how she reformed this low-performing school and tackled problems from garbage issues to funding for more teachers. She said, “We have to make sure that every school that serves children in poverty is a real school…that provides them with knowledge and mental training to navigate the world around them.” She imposed a “non negotiable” rule, which is a behavior based program that gave students more responsibility. It was proven to be effective when the high school was taken out of the “low performing and persistently dangerous” list after five years. This and other pieces on education reform and interventions have been paradigm changing for me. It is imperative that I seek applicable knowledge that explores current issues in urban education such as structural defects, challenges in diverse learners, and achievement gaps to assist my transition and champion for a better quality education. I am seeking for a program that will allow me to be autonomous and design my own course. I believe that the Master of Education program in Instructional Leadership: Educational Studies at University of Illinois at Chicago will help me achieve my mission.
During Wayman’s presentation, she talked about one of her students who did not consider her high school as a “real school”. I related to this…
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