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Jashan Kishore Mr. Morrison IB1 History A3 23 January 2015 Class Reading Tasks - Stalin Activity 135: For someone to emerge as a leader from such an intense power struggle, like the one following the revolution in Russia, they would have to have the following qualities: ”Capacity for organization” because they need to be able to organize their supporters and rally support. A leader with a lot of support is useless unless he/she can organize their followers. “Decisiveness” is a must considering the extremely different views of people within the country. They will have to deceive some of their followers to gain their true support. “Capacity for action” because nobody likes a leader who doesn’t get anything done. They need to be proactive and make advances people want to see. “Clear vision of socialism” because the country was on a path to socialism and the new leader would have to have this be their primary goal. “Good in discussion and debate” because a leader who cannot defend themselves in a debate appeals weak to their audience. “Popularity with the party” because a leader cannot lead a group of individuals who do not respect him. Focus Route 136: Factors that Favoured Stalin Weaknesses of Stalin’s Opponents Stalin had a legitimate working-class/peasant background which made him relatable to by the peasants. Stalin was General Secretary for the Party and he appointed people who would support him to key positions. These people helped him rise to power after Lenin’s

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