Class Structure, Warfare, Family Life, Religious Practices, and Agriculture Are Aspects of the Aztec’s culture

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Class structure, warfare, family life, religious practices, and agriculture are all aspects of the Aztec’s culture. The Aztecs had a legend about the beginning of their empire. The legend said that the gods will send an eagle perched on a cactus and have a snake in its mouth. This was than the right place to build their empire. The Aztecs were a powerful empire that prospered.
The first important aspect in the Aztec’s culture was class structure. At the top of the structure is the ruler. The ruler was considered semi-divine and the spot was not hereditary. When the emperor died, a group of advisors chose the next emperor. Nobles came next on the list. The most common jobs for nobles were government officials, priests, and military …show more content…

Another important aspect of the Aztec’s culture was family life. Men build the house and worked as farmers or craftsmen. Women cooked, watched the garden, and looked after animals. The Aztecs believed that the most important job for a woman was to bare and care for a child. When boys were young, they fetched water and wood and attended school. The commoner boys would only attended school half the time, while noble boys stayed there to learn their jobs. When they grew older, they would learn how to fish, how to handle a canoe, and went to the market with their fathers. Young girls were taught how to weave. Family life was important because without everyone doing a job, they wouldn’t have became a great empire.
An equally important aspect of their culture is religion. The Aztecs believed in many gods. Their primary god was Huitzilopochtli, the sun god. The Aztecs believe that the sun fights against darkness and they need to help him by giving him blood. To please Huitzilopochtli, priests sacrificed hundreds of birds in the morning. They thought that the best sacrifice was blood from people, in particular the blood of a warrior captured in battle. Some people sacrificed themselves willingly thinking that they would accompany the sun god’s daily battle. Religious practices were important because most of what the Aztecs did was to please the gods. The last important aspect of the Aztec’s culture is agriculture. The land around

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