Classic Knitwear Essay

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|Classic knitwear questions: |
|Does the “ product” fit Classic’s needs and capabilities? |
|What sales volume will break even on Classic’s 2-year investment and what is the |
|estimated demand for the new line over the 2yr launch? |
|What problems do you see in the proposed marketing program? |
|The major problem with the marketing plan is lack if research to indentify a viable |
|target market for the product. |
|Construct a “positioning” statement for “Guardian” line. |

1. In order for Classic Knitwear to …show more content…

( This sentence doesn’t flow well) I don’t really know what you want done here The final step in entry strategy is to sell through thvaryinge distribution channels. Since the product is specialized, but not high-end in terms of prices, it is acceptable for the product to be sold in specialty outdoor retailers such as REI, Bass Pro Shops, and Cabelas’, along with general sporting goods stores and discount retailers. The product is targeting people of a variety of outdoors interest levels.; Ttherefore, the new product linesit must be sold through channels that will reach the broadest consumer base.
(should part 2 be all in past tense or should it be in present???) It’s up to the team
2. Classic would be encountering severaltaking in numerous expenses if they decide to take on accept the Guardian project. There are expenses related to hiring additional staff, expenses related to the licensing agreement, including: royalty fees, and expenses on the 10% discount the company is offering for in store placementdiscounts. To cover the expenses this project would incur, Classic would have to have gross sales of $4,956,989.25. Based on an average manufacturer’s selling price of $17.87[1], the company would need to sell 277,392 units over the project 2 year period. The table below lists these expenses and break even calculations.

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