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3.8 Explain the limitations of marketing research used to contribute to the development of a selected organisation’s marketing plans (M2)

In this task I will be looking at the limitations of marketing research, and to do this I will be discussing how marketing research can help develop a marking plan. I will also be looking at the weakness of development in a marking plan. I will also be comparing the two techniques, SWOT and PEST in terms of their usefulness. From this task I will be using the Business level 3 Book 1 and a few websites which will be referenced in brackets at the end of each paragraph which needs referencing.

How market research can help develop a marketing plan?

Market research can help a marketing plan because it …show more content…

Time limitation

When doing research for a new product it is important that you have a period in completing your product. With a big and successful company such as Sainsbury's who bring out new products every week, it common that before they start the set out aims and objectives. With the aims and objectives, you can stay on task and bring out a great product. (Reference:

Sainsbury’s have to ensure they make changes regarding customer needs as quickly as possible. This is important because if Sainsbury’s don’t act on customers’ needs they will possibly decline and lose their current market position because customers will go to its competitors such as Asda or Morrison’s etc. This shows that Sainsbury’s have to make decisions as soon as possible in order to maintain their position in the market and to be better than its competitors through improvement. This will also contribute to Sainsbury’s keeping a good reputation which will also help to attract new customers.

Reliability of the data

When bringing out a new product for an organisation like Sainsbury's it is important that primary and secondary market research that you have collected is reliable and true. If the data that has been collected unreliable, then this could lead to bringing out a new product that will go in decline straight away. Furthermore, there will be a loss in income as the

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