Classical Music and The Era of Symphonies

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In the classical era Symphony was the time when live concert where perform more often. The concerts that during the past millennium, classical music has been created by some of the musical mind the world has ever seen with Beethoven, Mozart and many more. The wide of Range of genres that these great artist composers, including orchestral, instrumental, choral and opera. The era’s the music used the two theory of natural and pleasing variety and The two ideas that can be traced in all the elements of musical technique rhythm, dynamics, tone, melody, texture and form. With the styles of a classical symphony An important form of instrumental music was the symphony, The basic form of the classical symphony was the Italian overture which is,…show more content…
Reasons were obtainable in different keys, groupings, and registers of instruments. In section the composer also using themes that were not found in the exposition section. The creator of the art ended up using the section in the tonic key and moved directly into the recapitulation. For the past 1000 years symphony has been the key in the classical era where the concert where perform live more often. Comparing the three type of music brings the major uncommon as well as some common part in their music. All of these eras brought many things to the world thought the music that was made in the eras. In the Middle-ages most of the music was played for churches. So Middle Age music was more focused on God as in the Listen series CD 1 Track 11 “Pope Marcellus Mass, from the Gloria” which simply states at the end “With the Holy Spirits in the glory of God the Father, Amen”, and as a result had more and more of an accent on lyrics and less of an accent on multipart music. Almost every time in Latin rather than a spoken tongue that listeners could understand. In Renaissance Era, artists tied to move away from the church and make music away by focusing their mainly on their self this is seen in the listen series CD 1 track 14 “Kemp’s Jig” which is the song which was play at the royal party as a song for the king and/or Queen’s entertainment . The Renaissance style shows a focus on the piece of music and
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