Classroom Management : Behavior Management

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Many teachers have a vision of what the perfect classroom would be. All students would be well behaved. The students would all make good grades, and the teacher would be able to get through all the lessons planned for each day. Well the world isn’t perfect and this is not how the classroom will be, but with the right classroom management skills the classroom can be an enjoyable and productive place. First, teachers must know what classroom management is, and according to Weinstein classroom management “not only seeks to establish and sustain a caring, orderly environment in which students can engage in meaningful learning, it also aims to enhance students’ social and emotional growth” (Weinstein & Mignano , 2011, p.5). In my classroom I have so many ideas and goals that I want to accomplish but three of the most important goals I hope to accomplish through classroom management are behavior management, incorporating student interests into the classroom, and building social skills.

Although classroom management is more than just planning lessons ahead of time or decorating the physical classroom, student behavior plays a major role in the operation of the classroom. In a classroom of 25 first grade (the grade i would like to teach) students there has to be some kind of behavior management or the teacher would end up pulling their hair out each day. It is very important for teachers to set clear expectations of the behavior that the students exhibit each day when they enter

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