Classroom Observation Essay

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My observations took place at a public elementary school, called Middleburg Elementary School, in Middleburg, PA. At the school, I observed a first-grade class for a total of five hours spread across two typical school days. The teacher who I observed was named Lauren Cuatt. This first-grade class that I observed was composed of eighteen students and one teacher. According to William Ayers, “the learning environment is a complex, living reflection of a teacher’s values.” Therefore Mrs. Cuatt’s values could be seen in the classroom environment that she created for her students. The room was arranged in a way that made it easy for the teacher and students to walk around the room without tripping or having to squeeze through small spaces. There is one door which is located at the front of the classroom. Desks had nametags taped to the top of them and were organized in groups of five on the right side of the room. The teachers desk and filing cabinet were in the back of the room in the right corner. There were two extra tables that were used for small group work. A set of plastic drawers were placed beside each desk so that the students could store their school supplies that stays at school. These tables were located in the front left corner of the room and the back center of the room. Another feature of the room was the reading area in the back of the room. This reading area was on the left side of the room and was made up of a colorful rug, three small bookshelves, and a

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