Classroom Observation, Thickness, Questions And Answers

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In this hour students had a 15 minute break instead of recess since it was raining and they were not able to go out. After the recess, Ms. Baylor announced the results of the spelling test and the ones who had scored 100 on the test were asked to come in the front so that the rest of the class could clap for them. Students were then divided into learning centers. Students seemed very actively engaged in their respective centers and were following directions as they moved from center to center after every 20 minutes.
2. Describe the purposes of the activity/lesson taught:
All of the learning centers either had activities related to sight words, reading and writing. Or mathematical activities. Students were sent to the computer station where they practiced math skills on a computer program called Reflex
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How were behavior problems handled?
One very noticeable thing about Ms. Baylor and her classroom was her strictness on cleanliness and organization. When she noticed that in the game center, students had bingo cards and markers all scattered, she asked them to tidy up and put everything back in place and restart the game in a more organized manner. This extra work made the students more careful the second time they started the game. Ms. Baylor also made sure that every student in a group participated I the cleaning up process before they moved to the next learning center.
5. What did you think about the teaching you observed?

I found Ms. Baylor’s behavior management and disciplining techniques very effective. She was firm but polite. Even when the students were in the learning centers, she did not leave them to work alone. She moved around and engaged in the activities with them for few minutes in every center. She was very particular about keeping the class neat and tidy and about following directions. Her community building strategies were also very prominent in the way she asked students to help each other or take responsibility for small
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