Classroom Reflection

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As part of the district’s goal to increase student engagement in the classroom, teachers are asked prioritize relationships when handling discipline rather than to use solely punitive measures. To support this initiative, the district has called upon Dr. JoAnn Freiberg from the State Department of Education. For the past two years, Dr. Freiberg has provided training to all administrators and any new teacher entering the district. The idea is to create the capacity amongst staff to use strategies that will allow students to recognize their wrongdoing and think about what they can do differently in future situations. This notion requires a shift in mindset away from simply punishing students every infraction. I was fortunate to attend trainings with Dr. Freiberg as well as be part of a Restorative Practices networking session. The latter gave me an opportunity to share my experiences using restorative measures with teachers and administrators from surrounding districts. Due to my growing knowledge base on restorative practices and my successful implementation in the classroom, I was asked to present to the entire Wooster Middle School staff at a staff meeting. I began the meeting with an overview of restorative practices, including examples of the language we can use with students. I also explained how having the students sit in circles can be an effective option to solving class wide behavioral issues, in addition to supporting academic instruction. Lastly, we

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