Classroom Reflection

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Over the next several pages I will discuss many aspects of education. This will include the role that I am employed, the demographics of the area I work in and specific responsibilities I have as a paraprofessional. I will explore the classroom setting I am in, including the relationship to my students, supervisors, and other disciplines within the educational system. Context: The Westborough Public Schools provides an array of diverse supports and resources to ensure that students can access the curriculum in the least restrictive environment. As a school district, we ensure that students are engaged in a rigorous educational experience, while fostering their independence and maximizing their individual growth. The district has 6 schools grade PK-12. With just about 60% of the students in the district white and 28% Asian, 2 In Westborough District we have 6 schools total, with enrollment of 3,672 students % African American, 6%Hispanic, .1% Native American and another .1% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. Westborough District has 20% students having English not there first language. Economically disadvantaged students are 7% and in the district w/disabilities at 15%. The district provides a wide array of professional resources and support to meet the diverse learning styles and general well-being of its students( At Armstrong Elementary School, we have 378 students. Grades K-3. The numbers for Ethnicity/Race are slightly different 53% of
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