Clay Pipe by Marcel M. Navarra

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The Clay Pipe by Marcel M. Navarra 1. She had already built a fire, but instead of putting the pot on the earthen stove, Malta, who sat crossed- legged on the steps, continued to be restless. Keeping in her mouth a clay pipe that was empty except for the ashes left inside, she related blankly at the bright flame seeing only the coldness, the emptiness and the anxiety. 2. She was not worried about herself or her husband and two children. They could still endure till noon to fill their stomach with whatever little food they have left. The truth was they had grown used to eating twice (sometimes only once) a day. And they were not the only one suffering. It was wartime and the people had to face all kinds of hardships. Malta was…show more content…
I don’t care if my children and I subsist on bananas, but I want Teroy always to eat well-cooked cornmeal so his ailment would not worsen. If only the soldiers have not oblige the volunteers to keep watch with them at night, nothing would have happened to Teroy. According to him, this is the first time he has experienced so intense pain” 19. “I don’t think it is possible not to keep the soldiers company at night. Who would be left on guard while the soldiers sleep? It would also be impossible not to expect them to get some sleep, for they might not have enough strength to fight in case the Japanese do land here.” 20. “This is a bitter life we lead, Malta! Just one bowl, ha, Malta?” 21. “Malta was in high spirits as she walk towards the cliff. She was carrying a fishing creel wish contains two small pots placed one on top of the other. The pot at the bottom was the smaller one she had used in cooking the cornmeal she was able to borrow; the one on top contains vegetable soup. On the plate she used as cover for the pot were two hard-boiled eggs. In her other hand, she clasped a rolled tobacco leaf, the only one left of what she had received in exchange for her ganta salt. The other night, one of the four soldiers who had gone up to their house to drink tuba requested Malta not to forget to bring him a roll of young tobacco leaf when her turn to provide food. Malta did not forget his
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