Clean Power Plan Essay

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Clean air luxury that we seem to take for granted in the United States. Reducing greenhouse emissions particularly carbon in the air can prove to have monumental impacts on a community. In the recent years finding a cleaner way to produce energy is an idea that has gotten a lot of attention from local energy industries, Environmental groups, and the state. Pennsylvania’s clean air act, and the Bureau of Air Quality work to try and reduce the emission into the atmosphere.
The article “Stay of Clean Power Plan should not halt Pennsylvania’s Progress” by Andrea Sears disused the Clean Power Plan for reducing carbon pollution from power plants. The “United States supreme court decision to stay enforcement of Environmental Protection Agency clean power plan may postpone the federal requirement for states to submit their plan” (Sears). …show more content…

It may prove to have an effect of the current/ future climate changes that are taking place. Carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas that can cause warming. My opinion didn’t change after reading this article. Sometimes the cheapest formation of power is not the cleanest or most environmental and health friendly. Pennsylvania has already started to improve and find a cleaner way to produce power. The state is using more natural gas and reducing their fossil fuel uses. In the town of Wysox, Pennsylvania the state just build a new power plant that will provide electricity to homes while running off of natural gas.
The article “Stay of clean power plan should not halt Pennsylvania’s progress” discusses Pennsylvania moving forward in their course to reduce emissions of carbon. A clean power plan in every state will prove to help reduce carbon emission in the atmosphere, and provide cleaner air for all Pennsylvania and United States residents. Clean power plan for cleaner air is a state, local, and national government political

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