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Sen. Marco Rubio “New American Century” Event in Cleveland, Ohio Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio held a rally in Cleveland, Ohio a day before the first GOP presidential debate. In discussing his “New American Century” vision, Rubio discussed the economic problems faced under President Obama and the struggles Americans face. A young vibrant crowd of more than 400 gathered at the downtown Cleveland bar called “Town hall” to hear his heavy economic policy remarks. Delivered without notes or a teleprompter, Rubio remarks included promises when elected as president to pass a balanced budget amendment and his vision of making U.S. a stronger competitor again. Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and Rubio campaign chairman for Ohio hosted the welcome rally. Mandel introduced the Senator as a rare breed of politician- one who will unite the party and inspire the younger generation such as past president like JFK and Ronald Reagan did. “I heard some commotion in the back of the room,” Mandel said. “And the back of the room were people from the kitchen who were washing the dishes, janitors who were cleaning the floors inspired them and I have never …show more content…

The Clean Power Plan sets national standards on limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants as means to bring clean energy technologies. "The world won't get any cooler," Rubio said. "The seas won't get any lower. It will only increase the cost of living in this country,” Rubio said. “We are tying our own hands under this new regulations as higher utility bills will devastate many Americans trying to raise her children in Cleveland, Ohio or Miami, Florida or anywhere else in this country sees that her bills go up by 50 dollars a month, that’s devastating,” Rubio said. “You know what that means? 50 dollars a month. That means the kids don’t get new shoes this

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