Client Oriented Research Question : Why Male Perpetrators Of Domestic Violence Are Entered Into Diversion Programs

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Client Oriented Research Question If male perpetrators of domestic violence are entered into diversion programs or given jail time (no treatment), which will result in a reduction of recidivism? Search Process The first step in generating research related to a client oriented research question is to begin searching for articles related to a client oriented research question that will help logically answer or provide evidence directed towards a research question. The search process strategy I used was, the bottom-up strategy. Using this strategy, I searched for all research that pertained to my research question. After, finding as much research as possible, I began to read and critique the information provided in the articles. Once, I found the most logical articles that related to my research question, I was able to decide how I wanted to use them in my research to show evidence-based practices relating to my research question. To begin this process, a researcher would use logical search terms to search databases. It is important not to limit research by just “relying on the “magic” of the computer” (Rubin & Babbie, 2014, p. 165). For example, it is important to take advantage of advanced searches when searching for research and articles on databases in order to, “specify a set of words, indicating that all must appear in an article-or just some of them” (Rubin & Babbie, 2014, p. 165). This being said, it is helpful to use Boolean operators to narrow database searches or

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