Domestic Violence And The Criminal Justice System

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Critically analyse what you consider to be the most significant changes in the criminal justice system relating to one particular area. This essay will critically analyse the significant changes that have occurred within domestic violence which is viewed as a vital subject within the criminal justice system. It will explore the way that domestic violence has progressively become a concerning issue in the criminal justice system from being relatively acceptable in recent history. In addition to this, the essay will explore legislation changes in relation to domestic violence and how the police have arguably been forced to change their attitudes towards a problem that was once thought of as a private regard. It will critically analyse the theories put forward as to why domestic violence occurs in today’s society. It will explore the weaknesses within the criminal justice system, especially the police in regards to domestic violence, the police previously viewed domestic violence as a matter of which they should not get involved. However as mentioned in the essay, after many reviews within the system, many improvements have been made to help protect the victim. As stated by Jones (2013) Violence within the home has become commonly known as domestic violence in Britain. However feminists argue that this suggests that the private traits of this type of violence holds more importance than its gendered nature, because of this domestic violence can also be referred to as ‘intimate
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