Domestic Abuse : Why Victims Stay

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Domestic Abuse: Why Victims Stay Tiffany Brown Chamberlain College of Nursing Domestic Violence: Why Victims Stay William, Rachel’s three year old son is crying standing over her as she is slowly regaining consciousness. Her boyfriend, Daniel, was gone; their bedroom door was left cracked open and Rachel was on the couch in their room. Pained around her neck from where he choked her, she tries to wrap her head around how she got to this point. Why does Daniel hate her? What did she do this time? Can she, should she, just leave with William? Rachel realizes she has to get out of the house before Daniel gets back. When she arrives at her mother’s house, her mom is alarmed. Rachel has bruises around her neck and marks around her hairline. Rachel’s mother tells her “You come here every week and you go back to that monster every week. I see these bruises but you must not feel they are a problem since you keep going back to him.” Rachel’s mom walks out of the room frustrated. Unfortunately, this is all too common for victims of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is a known issue, but there are no warning labels for relationships like there are for cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. There is no formal training on what signs to recognize as abusive; but there can be. Domestic abuse may not have an overnight solution but we do possess the power the educate people on the different types of abuse. Many people are affected by domestic abuse; Not only the victim, but also
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