Climate Change And Climate Change

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Our world is in constant demand for more food production and space because of exponential population growth. Factors like, globalization and urbanization can be contributed to such changes. However, climate change is one of the unpleasant surprise that can be credited to the degraded acts towards the environment due to deforestation, burning of fossils and fuels, industrialization and many more. Vector borne diseases, are one of the most known diseases that can be credited to climate change.
Change in the environmental patterns introduce human diseases that could have not been a problem before. For example, malaria is one of the vector borne disease which is sensitive to long term climate change. The studies have also found that Malaria migrates towards higher altitude when there is a rise in the temperature. The study, published in the journal Science, studied malaria cases in the region of western Colombia from 1990 to 2005 and central Ethiopia from 1993 to 2005. The researchers were able to match the several malaria outbreaks that occurred in high altitudes with the temperature records of these regions to show the rise and fall pattern of the disease with warmer or cooler years. This is very threatening because now, millions of people who live in historically malaria-free regions of the high-altitude tropics are at risk. If we look at the study between climate change and malaria, the link between malaria and climatic events has long been studied in India, for example,

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