Climate Change And Global Warming

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Earth’s climate has been changed for hundreds of year dating back to the beginning of man to the ice age and today, and with that change came scientists who have been keeping track and gathering data on these changes in the climate. The climate is the source of life it provides a secure environment setting for life forms to thrive without a proper climatic setting life would begin to dwindle and eventually all life forms would go extinct. But why is the climate so important moreover exactly what is it that poses a threat to all life forms? Well to answer that question, the climate is the weather that makes up a certain environment. It is important because it is the main factor that aid in creating a natural habitat suitable for all…show more content…
Insects seek a specific environment which is required to act as a safe haven for breeding and hatching, If they cannot find the right environment they will not group together resulting in mass extinction. This does not end with incest either they are simply one example of a group in the animal kingdom, but this fact also applies to other animals such as but not limited to birds, and fish. Once one group goes extinct this jeopardizes the prolonged existence of other groups too. When one animal group dies, it leads to the death of another which in turn leads to the death of more. If enough animals die this will potentially place our lives at risk of being on the brink of extinction as well.
One way to prevent the downfall of mankind and all life as we know it is to reform the structure of education. Today more than ever the need for to be informed on the matter of climate change is crucial, more important than ever before, and in recent years there has been a rise in awareness to climate change. Even so, the attention being show to the subject matter in the primary education of both private and public school children is still greatly lacking. There needs to be an increase in time spent to teach students in depth on what Climate change is, along with what threats it poses for the future and letting them
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