Climate Change And Its Effects

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Climate change is a concerning problem that is happening to our planet right now, due to human activity. We are damaging our planet through the burning of fossil fuels which are causing greenhouse gases. We use these fossil fuels every day in cars, planes and many other activities and the effects of this is the warming of the Earth’s surface and oceans – the surface temperature has increased 0.8°C over the last hundred years. [1] Oceans range over 70% of Earth’s surface and have many important roles in the survival of our planet. They release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, transport nutrients and are home to many populations. Climate change is affecting aquatic systems through the melting of polar icecaps and therefore rising sea levels. The coral reefs are endangered due to climate change and we are also more likely to have rapidly changing, severe weather conditions such as heat waves, droughts and floods. As a result, climate change is very damaging for aquatic environments both marine and freshwater, which effects the habitats for endless different aquatic organisms.

A quarter of the marine life on the planet live in coral reefs. [2] They provide a habitat for some species and a food source for others. These are highly important aquatic systems that are being damaged by climate change. Coral reefs are formed over many years, after coral larvae attaches to a hard surface in the ocean, and are made of many layers of calcium carbonate. The algae zooxanthellae,
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