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An Analysis of Canada’s Approach to meet its INDC
The Federal government's plan to meet its stated INDC is the right approach for Canada to address climate change. Climate change is a worldwide issue affecting everyone on this planet and is irreversible (Guarino, 2017) because of its consequences like the increase in natural disasters (Weather-related 2017). In a scientific perspective, climate change does not only affect people but also the surrounding environment including biotic and abiotic factors. Climate change impacts all regions around the world and 82% of 94 ecological systems are affected by climate change (Scheffers, 2016)." Consequently, this dramatic change can alter the Earth’s major systems.

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Furthermore, in 1992, Canada approved the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro that gave rise to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), (Kielburger, 2012), which was created to control greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere.

The protocols worthy of attention from the UNFCCC are the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris agreement. The Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 by the liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien and was passed onto Stephen Harper’s Conservative government where it was implemented in 2005 (Schiermeier, 2012). The liberal government had the target of 6% total reduction of GHG by 2012 compared to 1990 levels (Curry, 2017). The Kyoto Protocol did not include both of the world’s largest emitters: USA and China which resulted in Canada withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol by the Harper government in 2011 (Curry, 2017). Canada should not have pulled out because Russia and Japan who also disliked the commitments in the protocol tried to fix and adapt to the changes (Curry, 2017). The Harper government, infamous for its political decisions on climate change had failed to fulfill Canada’s responsibilities towards climate change. On the other hand, the Paris Agreement which wanted to control the global temperature rise below 2 °C (Shepherd, 2015) showed Canada’s resilience to take on a leadership role without the USA.
In a global aspect, Canada’s Paris Agreement target is superior to the USA

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