Climate Change : Human Activity

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Climate Change: Human Activity is to Blame
Climate change is an extremely serious threat because it affects every living thing on the planet. Climate change can have destructive effects like causing extreme weather events, ocean acidification and increasing global temperature. These are only few of the effects of climate change and if it continues can even cause the extinction of humanity. Much of the scientific community agrees that our use of fossil fuels is the cause and our continued dependency will most definitely lead to problems. Although there is evidence that human activity to blame for climate change some people deny its very existence. Some of these people have perspectives that make sense, but lack scientific evidence to support their arguments. There should not be any debate or skepticism surrounding climate change because human activity is the problem. Although the effects of climate change have been subtle so far they are unmistakable. Research done by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) show that the atmosphere and ocean have warmed ice has melted and the sea level has risen. Their research also shows that the weather patterns in certain areas have started to change. Many places have started to see less cold days and much more hot days. The World Meteorological organization said that the increase of hot days has increased the deaths caused by heat related reasons have increased by twenty percent. They also report that since 1895 nine of the
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