Climate Change Is A Major World Issue That Affects Our Entire Way Of Life

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Ever heard of climate change? Known to some as only a “hoax,” however it is just the opposite and in the near future, will become our biggest threat. We are all caught in a “climate crisis,” one that affects our entire way of life and needs taken action by all world powers. DiCaprio effectively convinces his audience that climate change is a major world issue that needs attention and action by all world powers; he does this through his use of statistics, appeals to ethos and pathos and his overall serious tone. In order to persuade the United Nations’ members, DiCaprio occasionally states a fact, statistic or desperate need to grab their attention. In his first paragraph, DiCaprio introduces himself and thanks the other members for having him and then quickly switches to his reasons for his statement. He states how he was one of 400,000 people to march in New York City on Sunday, September 20th in 2015, the highest recorded number of people to march for the purpose of climate change. DiCaprio uses this statistic to strike a sense of concern and anguish into the listening members, this works because of the sheer number of people who participated and “the billions of others around the world who want to solve our climate crisis” (DiCaprio, 1). Another point, in paragraph 11, he talks about renewable energy and how it can improve not just our “problem” but also the economy. He says, “…by 2050, clean, renewable energy could supply 100% of the world’s energy needs”

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