Climate Change Is A Very Controversial Topic, Not Only

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Climate Change is a very controversial topic, not only in The United States, but in various places around the world. Some people say that it is a hoax, and others put it on the top of their priority list, along with abortions, terrorism and other important topics circulating around the world. Magnum in Motion did a very good and detailed job of swaying people to believe that climate change needs to be a more precedent issue. The video essay portrays climate change as a pogrom, it gives an unbiased opinion, and it presents ways to combat climate change. The video done by Magnum in Motion is done in a superb fashion. It portrays climate change as a pogrom. It does a phenomenal job in showing how climate change can effect things around us. …show more content…

It shows forests and houses set ablaze due to the recent spikes in the temperature. Lives are being lost due to Climate change, and if that is not a problem to you then something is wrong. More and more wild fires break out every week all across the world spreading from village to village, forest to forest and leaving nothing but a trail of destruction, death and fire. Magnum in Motion climate change video gives us ways to combat climate change. One of the solutions the video presents is to charge taxes for carbon emissions and support low-carbon research initiatives. Although this would let us learn much more about climate change and the ways we can do to prevent it from being such an issue. I would say corporations would be upset that they have to pay more taxes, and the word taxes in America is like a curse word. Another solution is that we can change our way of living and invest in renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels and such. Solution number three is thinking collectively and helping venerable communities adapt to the consequences that come with the effects of global warming and climate change. In doing this it would help us learn more about ways to combat or be more prepared the next time it becomes a problem for any of the countries in the world. The quote by the Dalai Lama speaks volume on this issue, “If we looked down at the world form space, we would not see any demarcations of a national boundaries.
We would

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