Global Warming And Its Effect On Earth 's Atmosphere

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1. a) Greenhouse effect is the direct natural result of Sun powering climate on the Earth. Sun’s radiation is passing through the Earth’s atmosphere which in turn causing the Earth’s surface to warm up. As an estimation, about 30% of the solar energy is bouncing back to the space as a results of the Earth’s atmosphere. The other 70% of solar energy is attracted by the Earth’s surface and atmosphere. In order to create a balance, Earth has to reflect this extra amount of energy back to space but, part of this reflection is absorbs by Earth’s atmosphere and will be sent back to Earth. This process is warming up the Earth’s surface and prevents the temperature on the Earth’s surface to drop below zero Celsius degrees. This is called natural Greenhouse effect but, due to various human activities such as deforestations and fuel burning and other factors have exacerbate this natural process of Greenhouse effect in which created the global warming [1]. The primary greenhouse gases are water vapor (H2O): from the water on the Earth’s surface. Carbon Dioxide (CO2): its increase in the atmosphere is due to the fuel burning process. Methane (CH4): its increase in the atmosphere is due to several reasons such as melting permafrost, landfills generate CH4, and when ocean temperature rises causes release of Methane. Nitrous Oxide (N2O): agriculture and soil cultivating cause increase in the amount of N2O in the atmosphere. Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC): released to the earth’s atmosphere

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