Climate Plays an Important Environmental Influence on Ecosystems

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Climate plays an important environmental influence on our ecosystems, and climate changes and the influences of it affect ecosystems in many ways. Ecosystems are already showing negative impacts under current levels of climate change. One of the biggest issues that we are facing nowadays is global warming. With the global warming and the rising of the temperature of sea water, it has great impact on the species in the ocean. More species is facing extinction and with the rising of temperature, it could force species in the ocean to migrate to higher latitudes where temperatures are lower and easier to survive. In this research, I would like to know if global warming would force fish migrate to north or not. I will test the sea water temperature and the survivability of zooplankton with different water temperature. By doing this research, it enables us to understand the habit of species in the ocean and to avoid the extinction of certain species. This research will also prove that global warming influences the whole ocean ecosystem and we should recognize this issue and think what we can do to reduce and slow down the damage to the ocean.
As the temperature of water is rising, warm water fish are expanding into areas where was previously inhabited by coldwater species and cause coldwater species losing their habitats. When waters turning warmer due to global warming, the area that allow coldwater species to migrate is reduced, and this might cause some species extinct.

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