Climate Solution And Boosting Economy : Friends Or Enemy?

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Climate Solution and Boosting Economy: Friends or Enemy? The issue of climate change is a multidimensional problem globally that can no longer be pushed aside. The question of how to deal with it is a controversial theme of discussion that forces the people involved to wonder whether it is a global issue and whether or not it should be revolutionized in a justice perspective. Climate change is the name of the new movement that best blends a mixture of progressive political, economic and ecological currents to fight with the most serious threat humanity and most other species face in the 21st century. Currently, it has already formed to an undeniable truth that climate is still changing with global warming and other related issues. In front…show more content…
In most developed countries, climate change and climate solutions are always two focuses for the global. However, at the same time, opposition voice has never stopped. Most of them pointed out that if they shut down factories it also means that hundreds and thousands people will lose their jobs and the economy will be stagnant. Skeptics worry that having climate solutions needs to be at the expense of stopping economy is just an excuse and lie that capitalism made and they are the main cause of climate change. The realization that great climate change starts since human civilization and it has strong connection to the production of capitalism. Creating surplus value is the essence of capitalism, according to Marx, “Capital as such creates a specific surplus value because it cannot create an infinite one all at once; but it is the constant movement to create more of the same.” (Marx, Nicolus, 334) In the whole process of production, each department wouldn’t care about the value of their productions, what they need is just surplus value. Greedy is the most obvious character for capitalism: Capital is equivalently intolerant of necessity; it constantly seeks to go beyond the limits that it itself has imposed, and so can neither rest nor find equilibrium: it is irremediably self-contradictory.
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