Global Warming As Causes Of El Nino Southern Oscillation Phenomena

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Global Warming As Causes Of El Nino-Southern Oscillation Phenomena

The advancements in various sectors in the life of human beings, which often exploit natural resources without control, directly or indirectly lead to changes in the environment sustained effect unconsciously towards the emergence of a disaster. The other thing is the changes of natural phenomena that occur periodically turned into irregular and even a negative effect on habitat and human life.
People unrealized that the way of our lives and conduct of our business lead into vulnerability. In this case into global warming, which potentially create many problems more clearly. But the issue becomes complicated since the cause of global warming itself derived from industrial and agricultural activities that give people prosperity and welfare standards of living (Philander, 2004).
One of the phenomena that direct and directly affect people’s habitat and life is El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Based on Syamsuddin (Syamsuddin, et al., 2013), El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) can be defined as climate fluctuation in a large-scale pattern of the globe that influence powerfully. While McPhaden (Meyers, et al., 2007) stated that ENSO is one of climate variability with a strong connection between the atmosphere and the ocean in the Pacific equatorial. In a simple way ENSO can be concluded as a natural phenomenon caused by ocean-atmosphere interactions. Furthermore, the ENSO cycle divided
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