Clinical Activities Essay

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Goals for the week
My goal for this week was to collaborate with the clinical group. My goal was achieved by collaborating with the students on a project I had prepared a few weeks ago. I was asked to put together a power point on the topic reproductive rights. I was preparing to present the topic at post conference, but since a couple of the students were interested on the topic, I decided to share it with them. A few questions were asked, and we spent some time researching more information on the topic.
Summary of Clinical Activities We started our day in the hospital lobby promptly at 0630, the professor started by explaining where on the unit each of us would be, as she usually does. This time it was biter sweet, because it was our …show more content…

She didn’t seem to want to answer any of the student’s questions or seem to acknowledge us. An autocratic leadership typically make choices based on their ideas and judgments and rarely do they accept advice from others. The three students were assigned to two nurses. They were able to collect vitals using the monitors in the patient’s rooms. I watched all three students check blood pressure, pulse oximeter, and temperature. The monitors record the vitals for the nurse to observe from the nursing station. After checking on the patients, we interacted with two of the nurses and were able to ask them about their experiences on the unit. A nurse shared with us that since the women weren’t very far long in the labor process we probably won’t be able to see a delivery today, which sadden the students and me. After all the assessments were done there seemed to be some down time, which was perfect timing for me to go over questions the students had for an upcoming quiz. The remainder of the day I spent observing the students take vitals, answering call lights, and interacting with the nurses. It seemed like a long slow day, I wished the students could have seen a delivery, especially since it was our last clinical. During clinical time a student from postpartum came to our section of the unit to ask for help with making beds. For, there were four mothers being discharged. We all took turns helping the student. I enjoyed this clinical group, the students

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