Clinical Log 2 : Clinical Assessment

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Clinical log 2
As the clinical log 2, this essay examines a situation where the writer recognized the need for evidenced-based information, followed by the description and critique of the research article the writer tried to find the evidence. Then the essay is concluded with the reflection of learning through this assignment.
Clinical Incident
My preceptor is a full-time radiation therapist, conducting research to improve patients’ experience during their cancer treatment. Through the placement, I was able to participate in the actual research process by inputting data to an excel spreadsheet. The data was collected from the cancer patients and their family members using a questioner after the participation of education session of …show more content…

Moreover, this title lacked in a word, triangulation while about the half of paper was devoted to the argument about triangulation. The abstract contained objectives, design, results, and conclusion in slightly repetitive manner. The introduction started with the summarization of current debate of those who agree and disagree with the mixed method studies, and the information of triangulation was followed by the description of the authors ' intention of the research. Consequently, the purpose section repeated a part of the introduction, they were, to identify and review the types of analysis methodology used in research articles whether parallel, concurrent, or sequential data analysis, and to demonstrate the use of triangulation by selecting papers resulted as complementary, convergent, and divergent. The authors chose to use systematic principles as a method and clearly presented each step, including terms and search engines they used to find articles and reasons of inclusion and exclusion criteria. After the selection, review, and categorization of articles, authors conducted two specific author name search without explaining why these people were picked for what purpose. After the identification of 168 papers, the

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