Clinical Reflection: Empathy Analysis

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Clinical Reflection: Empathy I had briefly met my patient during last week’s clinical rotation where I introduced myself to him, acquired the necessary vital signs assigned that day, and engaged the patient in a rather fleeting conversation. After completing our assigned rounds, I was then given a chance to look at the patient’s chart so I can gather information that would help me with my care plan documentation. Oddly enough, it was not through our brief conversation, but through those records that I was able to know him more. The patient chart had such a trove of data, enough for me to form an idea of who the patient was, that after reading through the notes I had gained a greater understanding and was able to share his feelings. The chart noted the patient’s medical …show more content…

Today, however, was different. I was determined to do everything I can to affect a change in my patient’s attitude and his outlook. After spending some time with my patient during the assessment, where we engaged in a more meaningful and personal conversation, I found out about other details, more than what the chart could possibly acquaint me. Beyond the diagnoses, beyond the disease was a person like I am that have needs, desires, and aspirations; a person capable of feeling the various human emotions. During the course of the assessment, I slowly found myself in a precarious position wherein he was actually affecting a change in me rather than I in him. Clearly, I understood his way of thinking and felt what he was feeling. This patient has taught me that nursing is not just about having an open mind, but also about having an accepting heart. Respecting my patient’s decision does not mean an erosion of my values and straying from my own set of beliefs, it just simply means I care enough. He might have given up, but I am not giving up on

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