02/08: Palliative Care, 8Am-6Pm (Due To Seeing A Lot Of

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02/08: palliative care, 8am-6pm (due to seeing a lot of patients) Pre-clinical Preparation: I prepared for clinical this week by starting to work on my midterm self-evaluation; this allowed for me to go through the objectives I haven’t meet yet, and plan to meet some of them for the clinical day. I also made a plan for completing part D and E this week in clinical. Summary of experience: • Palliative Care morning meeting. • Admitted a patient with NP to see a 74-year-old patient, newly diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and HEP C; patient has anxiety. • Did vital signs, listened to heart/lung sounds on the patient. • Did part D and E, (as I was afraid that the other patients would cancel their appointments due to the weather). • Built a …show more content…

Another goal of mine if I want to continue to improve my interview skills, I feel like I have improved a lot this semester, however I want to continue to improve because I believe practice makes perfect, and this is an essential skill that a nurse has. My Story: Today, was an awesome, extremely busy clinical day; I absolutely loved it. I saw five total patients. The first patient that I saw was with Laura, this patient was diagnosed yesterday, 2/7, with cirrhosis of the liver and HEP C. The patient’s chart says he has a history of anxiety, however, the patient stated that his anxiety started when he was told in the ER on 1/25 that he could have cirrhosis of the liver (more information in part D and E). This patient was very interesting, and I was amazing by how much he was going through; I felt bad for him. I did vital signs and my part D and E with this patient, and built a therapeutic relationship with this individual. I completed my part D and E on my first patient, due to not knowing if other patients were going to cancel because of the snow, as well as I didn’t know what patients I could see because the NP, Tanya wasn’t in the office in the morning. At the end of the visit, the patient asked me if I would be coming back again. This made me feel good, because I knew listening and being there as support for this patient helped him. The rest of the day I followed the

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