Clinical Reflective Report

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First week of clinical went well, although it was slightly intimidating. I have two different preceptors, Dr. Barker and Dr. Hayes. I will spend Mondays with Dr. Barker and Tuesdays with Dr. Hayes. Both preceptors are knowledgeable and enjoy teaching students. Their teaching styles are similar and both expect students to actively participate in the management of patients. I was able to use my knowledge to manage acute and chronic illnesses by applying and integrating all that I have learned thus far while evaluating health history and ROS, reviewing medications, assessing the patient, deciding on differential diagnoses and determining the plan of action that best suits the patient. When I was unsure about management of the client’s problem, I used my clinical resources and/or consulted my preceptor for their advice. The greatest learning moments this week …show more content…

It has been a little daunting but a great learning experience. I plan to spend more time reviewing pathophysiology of diseases and management, as well as pharmacology. I have created a notebook to keep record of every new learning experience or questions that I had a difficult time with during clinical. I plan to continue this method so I can take advantage of every learning opportunity. When time permits, I research information using my Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia and Practice Guidelines for FNP. My goal is to continue practicing self-reflection and self-evaluation, and use every doubtful moment as a chance for learning. I will continue to be an engaged, self-directed student while embracing active participation in each clinical experience. I am confident that I will learn a tremendous amount of information and will become more confident throughout this term. I look forward to the upcoming

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