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As a transformed Christian, soldier, author, or speaker, C.S. Lewis inspired many in his lifetime. The trials he encountered in his life made him a more inspiring and respectable author and person. Narnia, one of his most popular works, demonstrates moral characteristics in ways we can more easily understand with fictitious characters and settings (Gilbert 14).

Young Life Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland to Albert J. Lewis and Florence Hamilton Lewis (Lewis Foundation) on November 29, 1898 (Gormley 2). As a child, Clive Staples Lewis immediately disliked his name and wanted to be referred to as “Jack” and was sometimes called “Jacksie” (Id. 1). As a young child, Jack enjoyed playing and exploring with his
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Beginning of his career After Lewis left Belsen he enrolled at Cambell College, but left because he didn’t like the school and he was having serious respiratory difficulties (Lewis Foundation). In January 1911 to the summer of 1913 Lewis went back to England and had won a classical scholarship and attended Malvern College (Gilbert 9). At this time, Jack started saying that “God does not exist” and how he was angry with God for “not existing” (Id.). He started dressing oddly and doing things he was not proud of later, Jack was now an atheist (Id.). From April to September 1917 Jack attended University College, Oxford (Lewis Foundation). When World War I broke out, Jack enlisted in the British army as Second Lieutenant in the Somerset Light Infantry (Gilbert 10). In January 1918 he was hospitalized for trench fever, then was wounded in battle and hospitalized on April 14 (Id.). Jack was not disappointed at this though, as he had captured sixty German soldiers as prisoners (Id.). After serving his time in World War I, Lewis was now free to return to his studies and writing.

Early Works Lewis was discharged and released back to University College, Oxford in 1919; that same year Jack published his first book called Spirits in Bondage under the pen name “Clive Hamilton” (Id.). This book was a small volume of lyric poems (Id.). During this

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