Cloning and Organ Donation

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Imagine a small toddler who had a large plank of wood fall on him and now he has failing colon. He doesn’t have a donor to give him an organ and even if he did, his family didn’t have the money to pay for a thousand dollar colon. Problems like this, where people can’t get/afford an organ, are happening everyday. People have tried to help this situation by donating their body parts, but too many people don’t/can’t. Cloning of human body parts is a safe alternative to this problem; it can help save many children and adults. Cloning allows the organ to be the patients own duplicate, it also makes the body keep the organ, not reject it, all the while being cost efficient to ensure that people can live longer, happier and safer. Accidents, chronic illnesses, and a number of other life-threatening situations occur everyday. From all of these injuries some may people need a new organ, which most can’t get and/or afford. The reason for most people not being able to afford organs is the fact that they can get up into the tens of thousands even with insurance covering it (Jennifer Heisler). When people get the news that they have sustained a life altering injury they are not the only people affected, the people and the community around them are also affected. A real life example of this is where a man named Ed Guillen found out his mom’s kidney began to fail, Ed then started to exercise so he could donate his kidney. When Ed was deemed suitable he donated his kidney to his

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