Cloud Computing Research Paper

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Cloud Computing: Wishful Thinking or a Viable Alternative? By Paul Gillespie Graduate student University of Maryland, University College IMAT 670 Abstract. The Internet is permeating all aspects of our lives. This includes business and organizational endeavors as well as our personal lives. Businesses have become to depend on the Internet for their supply chain, advertising, and sales. E-commerce has experienced a tremendous growth in the last decade. Organizations are looking for new ways to leverage the Internet for business growth. Web Services is a growing technology in the Information Systems field. Data Management is also an ever-increasing endeavor for many organizations. The need for information is …show more content…

The customer doesn't need upfront investment, servers, or licenses. (2) Utility Computing - offers storage and virtual servers that an organization can access on demand. (3) Web Services in the Cloud - instead of delivering full applications, this service allows users to access APIs for added functionality. (4) Platform as a Service - This offers a development environment as a service. You can use this technology to develop your own applications that run on the providers server. (5) Managed Service Provider - this is a service provided application that actually resides in the vendors cloud. Example are anti-virus and anti-spam applications. (6) Service Commerce Platforms - This offers a service hub that users interact with. It is a hybrid of SaaS and MSP. It can be thought of as an automated service bureau (7) Internet Integration - This service is in its infant stages. This will provide the ability to provide integrated solutions to its customers (Knorr and Gruman, 2008, p. 2). The concept is that giant clouds (such as Amazon and Google) could be melded together. Cloud computing is expected to be one of the major Information Systems trends in 2009. Weinberg lists cloud computing among his Nine Hot Technologies for 2009 (2008, p. 5). He describes three levels of clouds. The first level is infrastructure in the cloud. The

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