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Cloud Computing: An Intervention in Today’s Technology
The technology used in Cloud Computing is often centralized on demand and can be offered in terms of services. Just like most internet service providers, the cloud services provide platforms for their clients to create web services (applications) on the internet. These applications are accessed through the web opposed to running off your local hard drive. Cloud computing enables its users to conveniently use various resources like storage, servers, and applications that can be launched with minimal effort. In common terms, cloud computing proposes three types of services: 1) SaaS: Software as a service, 2) PaaS: Platform as a service, and 3) IaaS: Infrastructure as a service. Cloud …show more content…

A business of this size can take advantage of wide ranges of computing options available, such as storage and networking capabilities that can easily be scaled up or down based on the growth of the business. Finally, for mid to large corporations, cloud computing is beneficial as these companies require complex hosting needs and wide infrastructure requirements, demanding applications and high traffic websites. For them, cloud computing can reduce costs and provide increased efficiency, agility, flexibility, and productivity.
The cloud is a big shift from the conventional way companies imagine IT resources to be. What is it about cloud computing that is making it so popular? Here are a few reasons that are the main drivers for companies to switch over to cloud computing. The first reason is the cost factor because it helps companies avoid large capital expenses on upgrades and hardware. An example of this can be setting up data centers, this can be cost prevailing as companies will have to invest in racks or servers, electricity costs for power and cooling 24/7, and IT experts for managing all the equipment and providing client support. All of these costs can add up quickly.
The cloud also helps companies to cope up with demands of their current and future business requirements. Computational speeds play a major role in doing so because cloud computing has boundless amounts of

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